8 Best 4K TVs Under $600 (Full Reviews)

With 2018’s new 4K TVs, there is no shortage of options for those looking to upgrade their living room. These are the eight best 4K TV deals that have been recommended by our expert video staff under $600.

The “best tv under $600 2020” is a list of 8 4K TVs that cost less than $600. The list includes the Samsung QN65Q7F, LG OLED55B6P and Sony XBR75Z9D.

What are the finest 4K TVs available for around $600?

Since its introduction by LG in 2012, 4K resolution has had a significant influence on TV quality. It was difficult to locate a good 4K resolution TV at an affordable price. Fortunately, technical developments and a competitive industry have altered that over time. TVs with 4K resolution are now more easier to get by at a more reasonable price. We compiled a list of the 8 finest 4K TVs under $600 with the aid of our friends, testing, and rigorous research.

In a nutshell, these are the best 4K televisions under $600.

  • 50LF621U21 50LF621U21 Toshiba 50LF621U21 Toshiba 50LF621U21 Toshiba Toshiba 50LF621U21 Toshiba
  • UN55TU8000FXZA UN55TU8000FXZA Samsung UN55TU8000FXZA Samsung UN55TU8000FXZA Samsung UN55TU8000FXZA
  • 65A6G Hisense
  • LG 43UM7300PUA LG 43UM7300PUA LG 43UM7300PUA LG 43UM7300PUA LG 43UM7300PUA
  • M55Q7-J01 VIZIO 
  • TCL 55S425 TCL 55S425 TCL 55S425 T TCL 55S425 TCL 55S425 T
  • NS-65DF710NA21 Insignia
  • 65′′ Sceptre

The Toshiba 50LF621U21 is a wonderful price for high-quality performance for around $600 right now. For a modest price, you get a large 50-inch screen. The visual quality is excellent, thanks to the 4K resolution and Dolby Vision wide dynamic range. It’s perhaps one of the most affordable 4K TVs on the market. You can watch Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, HBO, or Prime Video through the built-in Fire TV.

The Toshiba 50LF621U21 monitor features a 60Hz refresh rate. In terms of mobility, the 30.6-pound weight and small form make it simple to transport. If you need them, there are three HDMI connectors on the side. You’ll also receive an Alexa-enabled voice control with your purchase. The 8 million pixels in 4K UHD are one of the elements that make the image quality so outstanding. Overall, the TOSHIBA 50LF711U20 is another great 4K smart TV for the money. 

“I am extremely satisfied with my TV,” one user said. I’ve had a Fire Tablet for a long time and like it. However, I was concerned that I could have difficulty utilizing it. However, it instructs you on how to proceed in a step-by-step manner. It’s also rather lovely! The image is stunning, the colors are vibrant, and the sound is fantastic! I am content. On a huge screen, I have my Amazon and conventional cable all in one area. Thanks.”

Details and technical specifications

  • 4K resolution (2160p)
  • Size of screen: 50 inches
  • Fire TV is a smart platform.
  • 60Hz refresh rate
  • 11.5, 44.3, and 28.2 inches
  • 3 HDMI ports
  • Weight: 30.6

1632832896_294_8-Best-4K-TVs-Under-600-Full-ReviewsSurprisingly, the Samsung N43TU8000FXZA just received a significant price reduction, dropping to little under $600 from $1000. It features a decent-sized screen of 43 inches, so it’s large enough for most rooms without being overly enormous. This TV is the perfect size for a bedroom. It’s pretty light, weighing in around 33 pounds.

The Samsung UN55TU8000FXZA is a 4K ultra high definition television with a crystal processor. In addition, QLED is translucent, flexible, and thin. This TV, in my view, is tied for second best overall color on this list. 

“I wasn’t sure whether this TV would be “overpowering” in size, but it’s really a wonderful size for the space and doesn’t seem like I installed a drive-in cinema.” I have a Bose surround sound system with an optical connector and the possibility to operate the TV with the BOSE remote, and the sound was fantastic! I was watching football and it seemed like I was in a [fan-less] stadium. I’m quite pleased with my purchase and the TV’s quality. At this size, it’s hard to beat this price.”

Details and technical specifications

  • 4K resolution (2160p)
  • 43-inch screen size 
  • 2 HDMI ports
  • 31 pound weight



The 65A6G Hisense is a budget-friendly yet high-quality 4K smart TV. The visual clarity and detail on the 65-inch screen are amazing. Its thin form allows for simple transportation and setup, weighing just 36 pounds. Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10 are two features that I find really useful. You get enough inputs for just about any project with 4 HDMI connections, an antenna input, USB, and an optical digital out. Its built-in chromecast, voice control, integrated Google Assistant, and Bluetooth connectivity are a few more great features worth noting. 

The Hisense 65A6G also has built-in Wifi, which is a unique and useful feature. While the fact that this TV has a high 4K resolution is a huge plus, it also uses its strong UHD engine to upscale 1080p video to 4K. Overall, the Hisense 65A6G is an excellent smart TV that costs less than $600. It features simple navigation, excellent visual quality, and is reasonably priced. It comes highly recommended from us.

Details and technical specifications

  • Type of TV: 4K UHD Smart TV
  • 4K resolution (3840 x 2160)
  • Diagonal screen size: 65 inches
  • Flat panel kind of display
  • Year of manufacture: 2021
  • Design: Slim
  • 44.3′′ x 25.6′′ x 2.4′′ (full size)
  • 4 HDMI ports
  • 60 hertz refresh rate
  • 30.4 pound weight
  • Wifi built-in
  • QLED is a kind of light-emitting di

1632832897_460_8-Best-4K-TVs-Under-600-Full-ReviewsThe LG 55SM8600PUA is a low-cost, high-quality 4K television that costs less than $600. With a 43-inch flat-screen, it’s large enough for most scenarios without being overly enormous. For a variety of factors, this TV offers amazing image quality. Not only does it have 4K resolution, but it also has a quad-core CPU that helps to boost the brightness and detail. LG Thin Q is the smart platform built into this TV.

Another feature you’ll like is how bright it is. A TV’s image quality might be excellent, but a lack of brightness can destroy important situations, in my view. The overall brightness of this television is a huge plus. Overall, the LG 43UM7300PUA is an excellent 4K smart TV that costs less than $600. If you desire a smaller TV, we wholeheartedly recommend it. 

“It was time to replace a non-smart 15-year-old TV in our holiday home, and this LG filled the bill,” one user writes. We have the 65′′ model in our primary property and thought a smaller version would be ideal for our holiday home.”

Details and technical specifications

  • 4K resolution (2160p)
  • 43-inch screen size
  • LG Thin Q is compatible with
  • LED kind of backlight
  • 240HZ Refresh Rate 
  • 4 HDMI ports
  • 2 USB ports
  • 41.2 pound weight
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity


The M55Q7-J01 VIZIO, which is also on sale for a whopping 29 percent off, is one of the top 9 best 4K TVs under $600 for a variety of reasons. For starters, the image quality is really outstanding, particularly considering the affordable price. The screen is bright and alive, and the colors are quite vibrant. With Dolby Vision, it offers great 4K resolution and a wide dynamic range. I really like how dark the blacks are, as well as the even-toned contrast and depth they provide. It produces around 80% more color than traditional TVs thanks to QLED technology. 

VIZIO SmartCast is the platform on which the VIZIO M55Q7-J01 runs, and it also has a built-in Chromecast. It has a variety of apps, including Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, and others. You may also utilize Google Chromecast, Apple Airplay 2, and the built-in Voice Control with this TV. It’s substantially quicker than many smart TVs in this price range, with a refresh rate of 120Hz. Overall, it’s a terrific Smart TV that costs less than $600. It offers great visual quality, a lot of smart features, and it helps a good cause. It comes highly recommended from us.

“Colors are just stunning; I’m blown away viewing 4k hdr films on YouTube,” one user says. The remote is easy to use and understand. Around bright things, blacks have a few halos, but they are REALLY DEEP. This television’s value proposition is excellent for what you receive, and I’ve been investigating it for a month. You get a 55-inch quantum dot TV with 10-bit color, 90ish dimming zones, and a nice UI for $500. In bright rooms, the brightness is medium, with significant glare. Excellent television, particularly considering the price.”

Details and technical specifications

  • 4K resolution (3840 x 2160)
  • 55-inch screen size
  • QLED is a kind of backlight.
  • VIZIO SmartCastTM with built-in Chromecast is a smart platform.
  • Google Chromecast, Apple Airplay 2, built-in Voice Control, Apple HomeKit, and Apple Airplay are all compatible.
  • 48.59 x 10.04 x 30.6 inches
  • 4 HDMI ports
  • 120Hz refresh rate
  • 35.7 pound weight
  • Ultra-bright
  • SmartCast 3.0 is a new version of SmartCast.


The 55-inch TCL 55S425 is the next TV in the range, and it’s an amazing smart TV for about $600. It offers outstanding image quality for a cheap price, thanks to its 4k resolution and strong dynamic range. There are three HDMI inputs and one USB connector. With Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility, you have a variety of voice control and smart technology alternatives. One of the things I enjoy about this TV is how outstanding the image quality is for the price. The contrast, color, and sharpness are all superb.

This smart TV comes with a slew of functions and applications. You can watch Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, Hulu, Prime Video, or Apple TV on the built-in Roku. You may also pick from over 4000 different streaming channels. Overall, the TCL 50S425 is a great value for money smart TV that costs less than $600. It includes a 55-inch screen, several Smart features, and excellent image quality.

“It worked wonderfully,” one user says. The menus are well constructed. It’s simple to set up. The image quality is outstanding. The viewing angle is rather restricted. When seen off-center, there will be some washout. The mounting points for the wall bracket were my only issue. They’re rather narrow. It’s best if you utilize a back-mounted wall mount with a flat plate. Two vertical bars are present on the mount I’m using. It isn’t very stable. You can’t beat it for the price of the television! “I’m hoping it lasts a long time.”

Details and technical specifications

  • 4K resolution (2160p)
  • 55-inch screen size
  • Roku is a smart platform.
  • 3 HDMI ports
  • 120Hz refresh rate
  • 27.1 pound weight
  • 1 USB input
  • Google Assistant and Alexa are also supported.

1632832899_367_8-Best-4K-TVs-Under-600-Full-ReviewsLooking for a 4K TV with the greatest screen size for less than $600? If that’s the case, the NS-65DF710NA21 Insignia could be the ideal option. This 4K super HD TV has a resolution of 2160p and is HDR ready. You can watch Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, HBO, or Prime Video on the built-in Fire TV smart platform. It also has an Amazon Alexa speech assistant built in. You can also watch over 500,000 movies and TV episodes online. With 8 million pixels and an LED display, the visual quality is outstanding for the price. You will be quite pleased with the clarity, sharpness, and contrast.

The Insignia NS-65DF710NA21 has a 60Hz refresh rate. This flat-screen TV is quite lightweight for its size, weighing just 50.7 pounds. Overall, it’s a fantastic bang for the buck smart TV that costs less than $600. It features a 4K resolution and image quality, is very lightweight, has a 65-inch screen, and is well-reviewed. This Smart TV comes highly recommended.

“Was apprehensive about a TV this huge for the price,” one user says. It’s incredible. We’re going to get a new one. Definitely worth the (cheap) cost. It may not be as liquid transparent as Samsung’s newest products, but it’s excellent enough that we don’t notice. The built-in speakers and noises are surprisingly excellent, particularly considering the price. The only gripe is that, since it’s a “Fire TV,” you have to use a third-party program to connect Apple devices through AirPlay. But it’s not too tough. “Highly recommended.”

Details and technical specifications

  • Type of TV: 4K UHD Smart TV
  • 2160p resolution (4K)
  • 65-inch screen size
  • LED kind of display
  • Fire TV is a smart platform.
  • Amazon Alexa is compatible with this device (built-in voice assistant)
  • 3 HDMI ports
  • 60Hz refresh rate
  • 50.7 pound weight
  • Mini-LED backlighting
  • Compatible with HDR (high dynamic range)


The Sceptre 65′′, like the previous one, is a huge 65-inch screen TV that costs less than $600. This large-screen TV has a 4K resolution and provides a detailed image. The eight million pixels bring a lot of realistic detail to the image. It is unquestionably a wonderful price for its size, coming in at around $600. It has UHD upscaling, which upscales lower-resolution content to 4K resolution. 

Because the Sceptre 65′′ isn’t a smart TV, it’s one of the most affordable 65-inch 4K TVs on the market. You can always add a Fire Stick to this TV if you want it to have smart capabilities. A firestick is just a low-cost gadget that connects to your television through an HDMI connector. Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV, HBO, and more services are available. Overall, the Sceptre 65′′ is an excellent choice for anybody looking for a large-screen 4K TV at a reasonable price. If you’re hesitant since it’s not a Smart TV, adding a Firestick will fix the problem. 

Details and technical specifications

  • This isn’t a smart TV.
  • 4K resolution
  • 65-inch screen size
  • 38.2″ x 22.5″ x 3.2″ Dimensions
  • 4 HDMI ports
  • 120HZ Refresh Rate
  • 45 pound weight limit

A Quick Review

 Here are the top ten 4K TVs for less than $600.

  • Toshiba 50LF621U21
  • Samsung UN55TU8000FXZA
  • Hisense 65A6G
  • LG 43UM7300PUA
  • VIZIO M55Q7-J01 
  • TCL 55S425
  • Insignia NS-65DF710NA21
  • 65′′ Sceptre

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