Facebook is rebranding Oculus Quest to Meta Quest

The Oculus Quest was originally named the Rift S, but Facebook renamed it in late 2018. The bundle comes with a controller and headset for $399.99

Facebook is rebranding the Oculus Quest to Meta Quest. This is a move that will allow Facebook to continue using the same hardware for all of its VR headsets.

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  • Meta is also renaming its gear to reflect its new moniker, which was formerly known as Facebook. 
  • As a consequence, the Oculus Quest product range will be branded as the Meta Quest beginning in 2022.
  • In the next months, the Facebook Portal video gadget will be renamed Meta Portal.
  • Users will be able to log in to Meta’s Quest for Business program using their work accounts rather than their personal ones.


We thought you should be aware that Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is rebranding its gear to fit its new moniker. 

Andrew Bosworth, Meta’s CTO, revealed that the company’s Oculus branding would undergo significant revisions, including on the Oculus Quest virtual reality headset.

As a result, beginning in 2022, the Oculus Quest product line will be referred to as the Meta Quest, and the Oculus App will be referred to as the Meta Quest App.

Not only that, but sometime in the next months, the Facebook Portal video gadget will be renamed Meta Portal.

Oculus will remain a vital component of our DNA and will continue to exist as a brand in software and developer tools.

October 28, 2021 — Boz (@boztank)

Zuckerberg looks to be quite committed to Meta.

Not only that, but sometime in the next months, the Facebook Portal video gadget will be renamed Meta Portal.

Horizon branding will also be applied to various Oculus goods, reflecting the company’s VR metaverse platform.

When customers purchase our goods, we want them to know that they’re getting something from Meta, and that it’s all part of our metaverse vision. We all have a tremendous commitment to the Oculus brand, so making this choice was quite tough. While the Oculus brand is being retired, I can tell you that the original Oculus mission is still deeply rooted in how Meta will continue to promote broad adoption of virtual reality today.

Mark Zuckerberg, the company’s CEO, introduced the Meta moniker at the annual Facebook Connect, previously known as Oculus Connect, and maybe renamed Meta Connect speech. 

The move, according to Zuckerberg, was made to avoid misunderstanding and embarrassment caused by the company’s name simultaneously being the brand of a particular social program.

He also brought up the problem of Oculus users having to check in through Facebook, which some VR fans find to be a significant turn-off.

In his article, Bosworth addressed the same problem, stating that after receiving comments from the VR community as a whole, he is currently exploring on alternative methods to enter into Quest that do not need a Facebook account.

Meta’s Quest for Business program will now let users to check in using their work identities rather than their personal Facebook profiles, according to the business.

However, based on Bosworth’s comments and a similar one made by Zuckerberg at the Connect speech, it’s feasible that we’ll see a bigger change in the coming months.

What are your thoughts on the situation? Please let us know what you think in the comments area below.

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The “Oculus Quest to Meta Quest” is a rebranding of the Oculus Rift. The new name will be easier for people to understand and recognize. Reference: metaverse.

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