GXiVR8060A10 CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PC Review

A genuine high-end VR gaming PC is the last thing on your list of things to purchase before you buy into this new technology. CyberpowerPC has a performance upgrade that will make this process very easy with it’s Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PC. It features an Intel Core i7-7820HK Processor, 16GB DDR4 RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 GPU coupled with 128GB NVMe SSD and 1TB HDD for only $1499!. This machine is powerful enough to handle virtual reality games at their best without any lag or sluggishness in frame rates!

The “cyberpowerpc gamer xtreme vr gaming pc, intel i5-10400f review” is a PC that is capable of handling virtual reality games. The system has an Intel Core i5 processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card.

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In this newest edition GXiVR8060A10, the CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR 8060 series continues to provide exceptional performance for the price.

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GXIVR8060A10 CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR Review

The GXiVR8060A10 is the most recent iteration of CyberpowerPC’s Gamer Xtreme VR line. We’ll go through the hardware, software, and use-cases that are best suited for this machine in this review.

At A Glance: CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme GXiVR8060A10

PCBA’s Score

The CyberpowerPC GXiVR8060A10 Gamer Xtreme desktop PC, which costs roughly $1000 at the time of writing, is a terrific alternative that offers good performance for the money.



Graphics card with the 6GB GTX 1660 Super. Intel’s 6-core CPU is the most recent model. For storage, a super-fast M.2 solid-state drive (SSD) is used. Great-looking case that is VR-ready. Brands and models of hardware may differ. There is no optical drive. A lower-quality power supply is a possibility.

The GXiVR8060A10 is capable of handling almost all game titles and provides stutter-free and seamless gaming at Full HD resolutions, even at the maximum quality settings. Although there are a few small drawbacks, such as unidentified branding on components, this PC will provide you with a fantastic gaming experience for many years.

Intel Core i5-10400F CPU


  • Windows 10 Home is a free version of Windows 10.
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Includes a gaming keyboard and mouse with LED lighting.
  • Warranty period of one year
  • Free technical support for the rest of your life
  • Upgradeable
  • VR Ready
  • On the casing, there is RGB fan illumination and a glass viewing window.

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Because the internal component specs seem to be identical to the GXiVR8060A10 model, this assessment may also be applied to the prior CyberpowerPC model GXiVR8060A9. The case is the only difference between the two models that we can see. They do seem to be selling at various rates at the time of this review, so if you want to get the greatest value, you should look into both alternatives.

Image Title Price Prime Buy
Product Image CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PC GXiVR8060A10   PrimeEligible Purchase on Amazon.com
Product Image CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PC GXiVR8060A9   Prime Purchase on Amazon.com

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The GXiVR8060A10 is a prebuilt gaming tower computer that comes with a gaming keyboard and mouse, wireless networking, and Windows 10 Home as a standard operating system. CyberpowerPC has upgraded the GXiVR8060 series on a regular basis, and this current version contains a 10th generation Intel CPU, an updated Nvidia mid-level graphics card, and a decent-sized solid state drive.

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  • Nvidia’s mid-range graphics card has been updated — 6GB GeForce GTX 1660 Super
  • Wireless connection, RGB 7 color gaming keyboard and mouse, and Windows 10 are all included.
  • On the case, there’s a tempered glass side panel and four RGB LED case fans.
  • Future upgrade possibilities
  • A one-year parts and labor guarantee is included, as well as free lifelong technical support.


  • Overclocking is not possible.
  • There is only 500GB of storage available (but can be upgraded easily)
  • Unknown power supply brand (may be low quality)
  • Depending on availability, component brands may vary.
  • RAM is insufficient (but can be upgraded easily)

The GXiVR8060 series PCs from CyberPowerPC seem to be designed with gamers in mind. As a result, when it comes to operating games, hardware decisions seem to maximize the cost-to-performance ratio. The graphics card and CPU should normally be the most costly components of a gaming PC, but other components like the motherboard, power supply, and RAM may be less expensive while still providing the greatest overall gaming performance for the entire PC cost. While the GXiVR8060 series is primarily targeted towards gaming, other chores like as online surfing, video streaming, and utilizing Office apps will be handled with ease by this PC.

If you simply need a computer to handle simple chores like online surfing and streaming films, there are less priced PCs that will do the job just as well. If you plan on playing a lot of demanding games, the GXiVR8060A10 will most likely be overkill for your needs.

If you’re searching for a computer that can handle CPU-intensive operations like heavy video editing, rendering, or developing code, we suggest a PC with a hyper-threading CPU, such as an i7. These use-cases would very certainly need more RAM than CyberpowerPC’s GXiVR8060A10 can provide (though this can be easily upgraded).

If you’re a dedicated gamer, this PC will most likely meet your demands, but those who wish to play at 4K display resolutions should be aware that performance may be restricted and that you’ll have to spend a lot of time modifying game settings to achieve a good result. The graphics card memory is the limiting factor here — 6GB is probably the bare-minimum amount of video RAM necessary for 4K gaming (8GB or 12Gb are recommended for 4K resolution). The GTX 1660 Super is a decent mid-range card, but it may struggle to handle the extra burden of rendering 4K. Older games will most likely run in 4K, but more modern game titles that are more demanding may have limits.


For this budget range, CyberPowerPC has specified some fantastic options maximizing hardware selections to deliver superb gaming performance. 

Summary of Hardware
GFX GTX 1660 Super 6GB
CPU Intel Core i5-10400F processor
Storage 500GB SSD
MBU B460 Series Intel
PSU Unidentified (reported as 600W in some user reviews)

On a side note, the only difference we can see between the CyberpowerPC GXiVR8060A9 and GXiVR8060A10 versions is the case – the GXiVR8060A9’s front panel looks to be somewhat different from the GXiVR8060A10. All internal hardware parameters, on the other hand, remain unaltered.

a computer processor (CPU)

The GXiVR8060A10 is powered by an Intel i5-10400F processor from the 10th generation. This chip, which is a 6-core, 2.9GHz (with a boost to 4.3GHz) processor with hyperthreading, was introduced in Q2 of 2020. Because Intel’s “F” series CPUs lack an integrated graphics processing unit, you’ll need to use a separate graphics card with this CPU (for the GXiVR8060A10 PC, that’s the GTX 1660 Super 6GB graphics card, which we’ll go over next). The i5-10400F is an excellent CPU for a gaming PC in the mid-range. It has sufficient processing power for gaming, and since it isn’t too old, it should be compatible with any future graphics card upgrades you decide to make.


One of the most critical components of any gaming machine is the graphics card. The Nvidia GTX 1660 Super 6GB was chosen by CyberpowerPC as an upgrade from the original GTX 1660 6GB card included in the prior GXiVR8060A8 edition of the Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PC.

The GTX 1660 Super graphics card was announced in the fourth quarter of 2019, and according to Nvidia, it provides a performance boost of up to 20% over the regular GTX 1660, as well as being 1.5x faster than the previous-generation GTX 1060 6GB. Larger graphical textures may be loaded with 6GB of video memory, allowing you to play games at a greater display resolution and with better quality settings.

For 4K gaming, the GTX1660 Super 6GB is likely to fall short. If you wish to play at 4K display resolutions, you may be able to change graphics settings (particularly for older games) to achieve a workable result, but really, a higher-end graphics card is required to enjoy a pleasant gaming experience at these higher graphics settings. If you decide to update your graphics card in the future, the CPU in the GXiVR8060A10 will be compatible with such changes.

Board of directors (MBU)

The Intel B460 chipset is specified for the GXiVR8060A10, which was released in Q2 of 2020. Although the motherboard brand isn’t indicated, you should receive a B460 chipset motherboard of some kind (since CyberpowerPC’s Amazon offers are subject to components availability at the time they’re constructed, individual hardware parts brands/models may vary).

By looking over the B460 chipset’s characteristics, you can get a sense of what to anticipate from any motherboard that uses this chipset. This chipset is intended to be a low-cost option, although it does have certain additional features, the most notable of which is that it does not enable overclocking (something to be aware of if overclocking is something you might want to do in the future). Nonetheless, the B460 should be sufficient for the vast majority of folks looking for a prebuilt gaming PC in this price bracket. Users should also be aware that the B460 chipset lacks USB 3.2 Gen2 ports (10Gb/s), which isn’t a big concern; it simply means you’ll have to make due with slower 3.2 Gen 1 USB ports (5Gb/s).

If you obtain a motherboard with enough accessible free RAM slots, B460 series motherboards should normally allow for intermediate upgrades such as future RAM increases. This will be partially determined by the RAM configuration you get from CyberpowerPC, which might be one or two sticks. A minimum of two dual in-line memory modules (DIMM) per channel is required by the B460 chipset. This implies that every B460 motherboard you buy should have at least two RAM stick ports, but motherboards sometimes have additional channels, so you may end up with four or six RAM slots. It’s common to have two or four RAM slots. If the particular facts regarding the motherboard are crucial to you and you’re thinking about buying this PC, we suggest contacting CyberpowerPC’s sales or tech teams to clarify the exact brand/model motherboard you’ll get before you buy.

recollection (RAM)

The GXiVR8060A10 comes with 8GB of DDR4 RAM, which is a very normal configuration. Because there are no restrictions on the kind or configuration of RAM included (keep in mind that exact components may change depending on parts availability), it might be one or two 8GB sticks. The majority of pre-built systems in this pricing range don’t specify the kind or brand of RAM you’ll receive. While 8GB should plenty for most gaming and desktop computer chores, it’s worth noting that this is considered a low-end configuration by today’s standards, which may restrict the amount of multitasking you can do in the future, particularly if programs become more resource-intensive. If you have spare RAM slots on whichever kind of motherboard you end up with, upgrading to 16GB of total RAM may be simple. The majority of customers claim that their motherboards have four slots accessible, making a RAM upgrade rather simple by just plugging more RAM into the available slots.


The GXiVR8060A10 comes with a single M.2 NVMe-formatted solid state drive (SSD). SSDs are significantly quicker than traditional hard disk drives (HDDs), and you will notice a significant improvement in loading and startup times if you are upgrading from an HDD. A 500GB SSD has been provided by CyberpowerPC, which is adequate but not enormous by today’s standards. If you need extra storage capacity, a second storage drive may be quickly added (either HDD or SSD). The NVMe M.2 500GB SSD that comes with the GXiVR8060A10 is unbranded, and the particular brand is likely to change depending on components availability at the moment. Most motherboards only have one M.2 slot, which is already occupied by the provided SSD, so if you need extra storage, you’ll have to use SATA-connected SSDs (or an external portable drive via USB).

Electricity (PSU)

The power source isn’t mentioned in this machine’s specs, which is common with CyberpowerPC (and many other prebuilt computer items). Several other purchasers of a 600W PSU in the GXiVR8060A10, of varied brands from EVGA, which is fairly good, to a full no-name box with no marks at all, reported in the Amazon product reviews.

It’s worth noting that prebuilt PCs are sometimes cobbled together using a less expensive power supply unit in order to save money on parts. The main drawback is that less expensive PSUs may be less dependable and fail (and in the worst-case scenario a catastrophic PSU failure could affect other hardware components in your PC as well). On Amazon, we found a handful of buyers who claimed complete power supply outages. While it is not an urgent worry, we suggest conducting your own research on the brand of PSU that came with your PC, and if it seems to be suspect, you may want to replace it with a respectable PSU from a respected manufacturer just to be cautious.

Other Additions

WIFI and Internet Access The connection specs on Amazon include 802.11AC WiFi, however it’s unclear if this is through an in-built module of the motherboard or a separate wifi card that plugs into the motherboard. It’s conceivable you’ll receive one of these selections since parts are subject to availability. If the specifics are essential to you, you may contact CyberpowerPC for further information on what to anticipate.

One RJ-45 10/100/1000 gigabit ethernet (LAN) connector is also included in the connectivity.

The specs state that 6x USB 3.1 and 2x USB 2.0 ports will be accessible. This, together with the graphics capabilities, indicates that the computer is ‘VR ready,’ meaning that it should be able to run any VR apps. Drive Optical The GXiVR8060A10 comes without an optical drive, which is quite normal for prebuilt PCs these days. Because there are case fans in the way, an internal optical drive will not fit in this computer’s casing. A portable USB optical drive is usually your best choice if you anticipate you’ll need one for whatever reason.

System of Operation A legitimate copy of Windows 10 Home edition is preloaded on the GXiVR8060A10.

Other GXiVR8060A10 is Virtual Reality (VR) ready, which means it has enough USB ports to connect VR headsets/controllers and a strong enough graphics card to enable VR apps and games.

The casing has been modified since the previous GXiVR8060A9 edition of this computer, however both versions contain a transparent side panel that allows you to view inside the case and a total of four RGB LED case fans. The front panel looks to have changed from the GXiVR8060A9 and now allows for improved airflow. It offers excellent airflow, according to many user evaluations. The RGB fans are RGB color-changing LEDs with complete addressability that may be readily adjusted. 8.2′′ x 18.6′′ x 18.8′′ are the case dimensions. CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PC, Intel i5-10400F 2.9GHz, GeForce GTX 1660 Super 6GB, 8GB DDR4, 500GB NVMe SSD, Wi-Fi Ready & Windows 10 Home (GXiVR8060A10)


Peripherals/Accessories A gaming USB keyboard and an RGB 7-color mouse are included with the GXiVR8060A10 (both wired). User-programmable buttons on the mouse may be used for gaming hotkeys and macros.

Support/Warranties CyberpowerPC’s normal 1 year parts and labor guarantee is included, as well as free lifetime technical support.

We’ll take a deeper look at the GXiVR8060A8’s performance in this section.


In the past, CyberpowerPC’s Gamer Xtreme VR series PCs have delivered amazing performance for the money, and this current edition maintains that trend. Both the CPU and graphics card are relatively recent hardware releases that should last at least a few years, if not longer. The i5-10400 processor has adequate processing power to play contemporary game titles, and the GTX 1660 Super graphics card is also quite good. We like that this PC comes with a 550GB solid state drive, which is a good amount of storage capacity (though some users may require additional storage space). Although the 8GB RAM given is very normal for most PCs these days, it is one of the simplest hardware components to expand for heavy users who may find it inadequate. The GXiVR8060A10 is readily capable of doing ordinary computing duties, thanks to the hardware options aimed at playing computer games.

Where it shines:
  • Computer games – All modern or older gaming titles should be able to run on high or extreme settings, even with high display resolutions (FHD/1080p and QHD/1440p).
  • Organizing/editing photographs, watching videos
  • Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Stan, Amazon Prime, and other streaming services
  • Browsing the internet will be a breeze.
  • Applications for both home and work (Microsoft Office, PDF readers, Accounting tools etc)
  • Multitasking in general
It should also be able to do the following:
  • To edit video or images, you’ll need video or picture editing software. 
  • Gaming and virtual reality applications (Because the PC is “VR Ready,” no extra hardware is needed.)
  • Applications that need a lot of processing power or graphics cards (graphics rendering, modelling, video conversions etc)
You could have trouble with:
  • Running games at very high display resolutions, such as 4K (the GXiVR8060A10 could support it, but you’d have to reduce the display quality/texture settings to achieve a smooth gaming experience)

What Games Does It Support?

The GXiVR8060A10 should run well in practically every game you throw at it since the GTX 1660 Super is a powerful graphics card that’s been partnered with a solid CPU. Users should anticipate to be able to play with high or extremely high display settings and still obtain a high framerate (at FHD/1080p and QHD/1440p display resolutions) depending on the game title.

The GTX 1660 Super graphics card includes 6GB of graphics card RAM, which is plenty of room to hold textures and information, allowing for faster frame rates. If you have a VR headset and controller, you should be able to test out Virtual Reality apps right now. The GXiVR8060A10 comes with all of the essential hardware to run any VR application.

The performance difference between the GTX 1660 graphics card (which was in one of the older GXiVR8060A8 versions of this computer) and the GTX 1660 Super version (which is this computer) is dependent on the game title. The following are some benchmark average frames per second for the GTX 1660 Super graphics card (source):

  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider (DX12 Highest Quality): 79 frames per second (1080p); 53 frames per second (1080p) (1440p)
  • Just Cause 4 (Very High Quality): 74 frames per second (1080p); 53 frames per second (720p) (1440p)
  • Resident Evil 2 (DX11 Max Quality): 96 frames per second (1080p); 62 frames per second (1080p) (1440p)
  • Rainbow Six Siege (Ultra Quality): 129 frames per second (1080p); 81 frames per second (720p) (1440p)
  • Battlefield V (DX11 Ultra Quality): 86 frames per second (1080p); 64 frames per second (1080p) (1440p)
  • Far Cry New Dawn (Ultra Quality): 90 frames per second (1080p); 69 frames per second (720p) (1440p)
  • The Division 2 (DX12 Ultra Quality): 74 frames per second (1080p); 50 frames per second (1080p) (1440p)
  • 81 FPS (1080p); 59 FPS (Very High Quality) in Ghost Recon: Wildlands (1440p)
  • Prey (Very High Quality): 129 frames per second (1080p); 77 frames per second (720p) (1440p)
  • Star Wars Battlefront II (Ultra Quality): 93 frames per second (1080p); 61 frames per second (1080p) (1440p)
  • Project Cars 2 (Ultra Quality): 65 frames per second (1080p); 51 frames per second (1080p) (1440p)
  • Monster Hunter: World (Highest Quality): 67 frames per second (1080p); 42 frames per second (1080p) (1440p)
  • For Honor (Extreme Quality): 106 frames per second (1080p); 72 frames per second (720p) (1440p)
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Ultra Quality): 71 frames per second (1080p); 51 frames per second (1080p) (1440p)
  • 116 FPS (1080p) in Sniper Elite 4 (DX12 Ultra Quality); 83 FPS in Sniper Elite 4 (DX12 Ultra Quality) (1440p)
  • Kingdom Come Deliverance (Very High Definition): 71 frames per second (1080p); 47 frames per second (1080p) (1440p)
  • Shadow of War: Middle-earth (Very High Quality): 64 FPS (1080p); 46 FPS (1440p)

CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PC, Intel i5-10400F 2.9GHz, GeForce GTX 1660 Super 6GB, 8GB DDR4, 500GB NVMe SSD, Wi-Fi Ready & Windows 10 Home (GXiVR8060A10)

GXiVR8060A10 is ready to use right out of the box, and setup should be a breeze. You will be able to update individual components in the future, much like practically all desktop PCs. Although most users won’t need to upgrade right away to have a great experience, we’ve included some suggestions below for those who may be interested in future updates (either short or longer term).

Upgrades that are recommended (short-term/immediate)

As previously said, prebuilt PCs are renowned for having lower-quality power supply since it is a simple cost-cutting measure for manufacturers. As a result, one of our first advice is to inspect your machine’s power supply unit and do your own study into the brand or model number. If anything suspicious appears, or if you discover a lot of other people reporting that this unit has failed for them, a PSU upgrade may be useful. Despite the fact that you’d be replacing a fresh unit, it’s sometimes not worth the risk since a catastrophic power supply failure might also destroy other components in your computer.

  • Replacement/Upgrade of the Power Supply Unit (PSU) A defective power supply might create performance problems or possibly shorten the life of other hardware components in your computer, particularly if they’re continually exposed to low-quality electricity. If you’re unfortunate enough to acquire a PSU that fails catastrophically, there’s a potential that the failure may spread to other components, causing instant harm. You can typically prevent these problems by purchasing a high-quality PSU from a well-known and respected manufacturer. We prefer EVGA supplies since they frequently come with a few years of warranty coverage (like this 600W unit from Amazon).
  • Upgraded memory (RAM) A memory increase is one of the simplest upgrades to do, but you’ll generally only notice a speed boost if your present RAM is the bottleneck in your PC. This is referred to as ‘bottlenecking’ (where one part holds back the rest of the system). Slow responsiveness, stuttering, and sluggish apps are common symptoms of RAM bottlenecking. You may also use the built-in Windows task manager or a separate benchmarking tool to assess your current RAM utilization. Although the GXiVR8060A10 comes with 8GB of RAM, which is quite normal in PCs, some users may wish to expand to 16GB or more right away.

Other Upgrade Factors to Consider

For individuals who prefer to plan ahead, it’s occasionally worth thinking about how long you’ll be using a certain computer. If you want to get the most use out of your purchase, it’s a good idea to prepare ahead of time when and what you’ll do to prolong its useful life when it eventually becomes outdated in the future.

One of the most significant factors in ensuring a long life for any PC is to get one with recent major components (for gaming PCs, these are the graphics card and CPU). Because of how rapidly technology improves, more recently introduced gear may often outperform even older ‘high end’ versions in terms of performance. GXiVR8060A10 features CPU and graphics cards that were released relatively recently, in mid-2020 and late-2019, respectively, and should last at least a few years before you need to consider updating. Typically, an update is only required when newer games and programs become more demanding – in which case, you could consider updating the graphics card and CPU if the need arises.

Other improvements you may want to think about in the future are:

Upgrade your graphics card As previously said, you won’t need to consider a graphics card update for many years. It seems unlikely that the graphics card in the GXiVR8060A10 will be replaced in the near future, particularly given the current cost of graphics cards. As a result, we suggest revisiting the available graphics card alternatives in a few years.

Upgraded Storage The enclosure looks to have plenty of room to accommodate extra disks, whether SSDs or hard drives. It’s doubtful that the motherboard you choose will offer a second M.2 connector for another NVMe form factor SSD, so you’ll have to find a SATA-connected alternative.

CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PC, Intel i5-10400F 2.9GHz, GeForce GTX 1660 Super 6GB, 8GB DDR4, 500GB NVMe SSD, Wi-Fi Ready & Windows 10 Home (GXiVR8060A10)

The GXiVR8060A10 costs roughly $1000 at the time of this review, although we’ve seen it on sale for around $100 less in the past. Even if you were to construct your own computer instead, you’d be looking at a comparable overall cost to gather this stuff together and put it together yourself (graphics cards in particular are still unfortunately quite expensive). In addition, the GXiVR8060A10 comes with an official operating system preconfigured and ready to use right out of the box. When you include in the other bonus goods like the keyboard and mouse, you’ve had a hard time finding a better value.

At the time of writing, there are a number of alternative prebuilt gaming laptops available for a comparable price.

Other options that are similar in terms of performance and pricing include:

Image Title Price Prime Buy
Product Image Dell G5 Gaming Desktop, Black, Intel Core i5-10th Gen, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Super 4GB GDDR6, 256GB SSD + 1TB SATA, 8GB RAM (i5000-5378BLK-PUS)   PrimeEligible Purchase on Amazon.com
Product Image Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core 3.6GHz, GTX 1660 Super 6G, 500GB SSD, 16GB DDR4 3000, RGB, AC WiFi, Windows 10 Home 64-bit, SkyTech Blaze II Gaming Computer PC Desktop   PrimeEligible Purchase on Amazon.com
Product Image Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core 3.6GHz, 1660 Super 6G, 1TB SSD, 16GB DDR4 3000, RGB Fans, AC WiFi, Windows 10 Home 64-bit, Black SkyTech Shadow Gaming Computer PC Desktop   PrimeEligible Purchase on Amazon.com

Prices were obtained from the Amazon Product Advertising API on the following dates:

Check out the following possibilities if you’re searching for something a little less expensive:

Image Title Price Prime Buy
Product Image NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Super, Intel Core i3-10100, 8 GB DDR4 RAM, 256 GB PCIe NVMe SSD, Windows 10 Home, USB Mouse and Keyboard, Compact Tower Design HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop (TG01-1022, 2020)   Prime Purchase on Amazon.com
Product Image 2021 HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop Computer, AMD 6-Core Ryzen 5 3500 Processor (Up to 4.1GHz), GeForce GTX 1650 Super 4 GB, 8GB RAM, 256GB PCIe NVMe SSD, Mouse and Keyboard, Win 10 Home   Prime Purchase on Amazon.com
Product Image PC Desktop – Intel i3-10100F, GTX 1650, 500GB SSD, 8GB DDR4 3000, RGB Fans, AC WiFi, Windows 10 Home 64-bit, White SkyTech Blaze 3.0 Gaming Computer   PrimeEligible Purchase on Amazon.com
Product Image CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme Gaming PC with Intel Core i3-10105F 3.7GHz, Intel Iris Xe 4GB, 8GB DDR4, 500GB NVMe SSD, WiFi Ready, and Windows 10 Home (GXi8800A4)   PrimeEligible Purchase on Amazon.com

Prices were obtained from the Amazon Product Advertising API on the following dates:

These, of course, come with a hardware sacrifice, generally in the form of a less capable graphics card. If you’re on a budget, this means you may acquire them for several hundred dollars less than the GXiVR8060A10.

The GXiVR8060A10 from CyberpowerPC is a fantastic value for money intermediate level prebuilt gaming PC. This is a wonderful option for casual or professional gamers who want to be able to play modern games at high quality settings, thanks to good CPU and graphics card choices.

GXiVR8060A10 CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PC Review

Prices were obtained using the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

Prices and availability are correct as of the given date/time and are subject to change. This product will be purchased using the pricing and availability information listed on [relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase.

Other Specifications (reference)

Show specifics Details should be hidden.

CyberpowerPC GXiVR8060A10 is the full name of the computer. Intel i5-10400F 2.9GHz, GeForce GTX 1660 Super 6GB, 8GB DDR4, 500GB NVMe SSD, Wi-Fi Ready, and Windows 10 Home are the main specifications. Other features include a VR-ready USB gaming keyboard and RGB LED mouse, as well as RGB LED fans. 18.8 x 8.2 x 18.6 inch dimensions More information: Amazon’s listing has it.

The “masterbox nr640 review” is a PC that has been built for gaming. It features a powerful AMD Ryzen 7 1700 3.7GHz processor, 16GB DDR4 RAM and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 with 6GB GDDR5 VRAM.

{“@context”:”https://schema.org”,”@type”:”FAQPage”,”mainEntity”:[{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Is the CyberpowerPC gamer master gaming desktop good?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”A: The CyberpowerPC gamer master gaming desktop is an excellent computer and is a great choice for gamers. It has powerful hardware that can handle pretty much anything you throw at it with ease, and the cost of this computer in particular is reasonable as well.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Is CyberpowerPC a ripoff?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”A: CyberpowerPC is not a ripoff. They sell their products at an affordable price and provide excellent customer service, which has led to them being one of the most popular computer companies out there today.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Is the CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR gaming PC upgradable?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”A: Yes, it is upgradable.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the CyberpowerPC gamer master gaming desktop good?

A: The CyberpowerPC gamer master gaming desktop is an excellent computer and is a great choice for gamers. It has powerful hardware that can handle pretty much anything you throw at it with ease, and the cost of this computer in particular is reasonable as well.

Is CyberpowerPC a ripoff?

A: CyberpowerPC is not a ripoff. They sell their products at an affordable price and provide excellent customer service, which has led to them being one of the most popular computer companies out there today.

Is the CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR gaming PC upgradable?

A: Yes, it is upgradable.

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