New Microsoft study indicates Hybrid Work could increase employee burnout

In a study done by Microsoft, they found that people who work in a hybrid environment experience higher levels of burnout than those who work solely in an office. The study also found that the more time spent on digital tasks, the higher level of burnout.

The microsoft hybrid workplace policy is a new study that Microsoft has released. The study indicates that the hybrid work environment could increase employee burnout.


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  • Since the Covid-19 epidemic, hybrid work has grown substantially.
  • Microsoft has been upgrading the Teams app in order to enable platform interactions.
  • Employees will suffer burnout if remote work is not handled.


Since the Covid-19 epidemic, remote working has been a reality for the majority of businesses and workers. The change in work culture has also occurred since an increasing number of individuals are interested in working for companies that provide the option of working remotely.

A massive change has occurred.

Working from home will cause a major change in the employer-employee relationship. As companies attempt to find out if working from home is beneficial to the company, the job to be done and how productivity will be evaluated are getting more difficult.

Remote work must be managed.

While Microsoft has taken efforts to guarantee that workers and employers have access to a support system with improved engagement via the Teams app, there have been complaints of time misuse. Employees who work from home are unsure when to stop working.

The graphs below illustrate how working from home has become more popular in recent years.


Workplace Hybrid

A portion of the population prefers to work from home, while another prefers some sort of personal contact. The hybrid work arrangement is introduced, which will serve both groups. Microsoft’s collaboration applications have aided hybrid projects. However, it seems that companies have yet to build the groundwork and manage their workforce. 

This is due to the fact that there is still a part of the population that is dissatisfied with the circumstances and another that believes it is a decent arrangement. Employees attend much more meetings than they do when they go to work, according to research. The continuous work makes it difficult to separate work and personal life, which may lead to employee burnout.

Burnout has negative consequences that may impact both physical and emotional health, so it’s critical to take control early on. 

What steps does your company take to handle your work-from-home situation? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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