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In recent years, the popularity of anime and manga has exploded. The Internet is rife with websites dedicated to these types of animated works as well as a rapidly expanding number of mobile apps that can offer immersive experiences tailored for your own personal needs.

The “manhwa like solo leveling with op mc” is a manga that has an interesting storyline. The series was published by Geekymint and is one of the most popular manhwas in Korea.

Chugong’s webtoon Solo Leveling is a popular one. This comic has recently garnered a lot of attention, and more people are becoming interested in it. The manga’s primary tale takes place in a world where ‘hunters,’ a group of people with extraordinary magical abilities, exist. Their mission is to safeguard the human species from dangerous monsters who are conspiring to exterminate them once and for all. In the middle of such pandemonium, Sung Jinwoo, a particularly weak hunter, finds himself struggling for his life on an ongoing basis. However, after barely surviving an extraordinarily difficult double dungeon that almost wiped out his whole party, he is picked as its only player by a mystery program known as the System, offering him the opportunity to level up in power. Sung Jinwoo fights monsters and mankind in order to safeguard the human species, but he also explores the depths of his newly acquired unusual talents and the dungeon’s mysteries.

Solo Leveling is an immensely adrenaline-pumping manga that has piqued the interest of thousands of admirers all around the globe. Its action-packed moments, ethereal realm of magic and monsters, and Sung Jinwoo’s unmatched resolve are genuinely remarkable. 

Having said that, there are other other manga, such as Solo Leveling, that provide a similar level of pleasure and adrenaline. These mangas feature fantasy, supernatural, and sci-fi aspects as key topics, and reading them may be just as enjoyable as reading Solo Leveling. So, let’s have a look at some of these comics, such as Solo Leveling, which are bringing a new level of magic and fantasy to fans all around the world!

Top 7 Manga that are Good for Solo Leveling


This comic is comparable to Solo Leveling and has certain topics in line with the famous manga Attack on Titan. The plot of Origins is set in a world where monsters abound and the King reigns supreme. Similar to Attack on Titan, the King has constructed formidable fortifications to protect his realm from such creatures. He chose only the most capable individuals to assist him in defending his realm behind the walls, while expelling the lesser.


The story’s protagonist has his community destroyed by monsters, leaving him as the only survivor. He has particular abilities that enable him to defeat these beasts. Will he be able to utilize his abilities to defeat these monstrous beings bent on annihilating humanity? To learn out, read Omoy’s Origins as soon as possible!

Ranker in Second Life

“The Ranker Who Lives a Second Time” and “The Ranker Who Lives Twice” are other names for this Solo Leveling substitute. The manga tells the tale of Yeon-woo, whose twin brother went missing five years before the series began. He discovers a pocket-watch abandoned by his brother by happenstance one day. He discovered a fascinating notebook within, which included the details of his brother’s life while he was in the Obelisk: The Tower of the Sun God, a realm where different realities and dimensions collide in one. 


During his effort to ascend the Obelisk, Yeon-sibling Woo’s had been betrayed in this world. When the protagonist (Yeon-Woo) learns of this, he resolves to climb the Obelisk with his brother’s journal. However, destiny has other plans for him. This is one of the greatest manga like Solo Leveling that will keep you fascinated for a long time. I strongly advise you to try it.

I am the King of Sorcery.

This comic, like Solo Leveling, is about a rift monster horde that broke out of space and time ten years ago and has been pursuing mankind ever since. For the sake of money and glory, humans have begun to activate magical talents and pursue these creatures. A human named Lee Sung-Hoon is in desperate need of money to support his sick mother. Four times a month, he embarks on a fiendish journey to hunt down these creatures by serving as bait for the hunters.


He unexpectedly recalls his prior existence as the Sorcerer King after being gravely hurt by a monster and being on the verge of death. As a result, he awakens his abilities and starts his own game of magic, chasing down monsters on his own. This is a fantastic manga, similar to Solo Leveling, that will keep you guessing until the very end. I really enjoyed it, and I’d appreciate it if you did as well!

Assassinate the Hero

Kill the Hero tells the narrative of Woojin, who is granted the opportunity to restart his life after being slain by his own guild’s righteous commander. Instead of attempting to preserve the world from monsters, he intends to get vengeance on those who killed him this time. He rapidly establishes himself among the game’s peasants by racking up high-level kills and improving his stats. This aids him in his ascension to the top. 


However, one point remains unclear. Who is Woojin playing for, exactly? Woojin is poised to crush the hero and win the game with his freshly acquired expertise. Kill the Hero is one of the most thrilling Solo Leveling options, and it had me clenching my teeth with excitement. I strongly advise you to check it out because you will not be disappointed.

The Catastrophic Hero’s Resurrection

Hunters and dungeons are also included in this comic that is similar to Solo Leveling. The manga tells the tale of the strongest Hunter who was betrayed by a member of his own squad while raiding a dungeon. He had been given a prophesy by a friend a few days before this occurred, according to which if he went to the prison, he would die. The protagonist had considered the hazards but decided to give it a go despite the fact that it was the highest rating dungeon. 


Despite the fact that he was successful in beating the boss monster, what followed took his life. He was thrown down the cliff by one of his raid teammates, who subsequently revealed that he died while attempting to clear the dungeon. But, by a stroke of luck, the protagonist lived, and 20 years later, he went up the cliff, enraged and vowing vengeance. This manga, like Solo Leveling, is one of my favorites, and I recommend that you read it at least once.

The Bugs’ King

Like Solo Leveling, this comic is more sci-fi oriented. It depicts the narrative of a protagonist who works for a game development firm and is mocked by his employer and coworkers because his games have unneeded defects. This was a source of annoyance until one day when everyone in the office was transported into the universe of a game he had created. 


Despite the fact that this realm was full with creatures, the protagonist understood how to combat them all since he was well-versed in the game’s hacks and exploits. With the use of these hacks, he has now taken it upon himself to obtain greater power and ascend to the top. This manga is well worth reading since it depicts the protagonist’s transformation from a helpless target of derision to the game’s most powerful character, triumphing over all others. I strongly advise you to have a look at it.

The Endless Abyss

The protagonist in this manga, similar to Solo Leveling, is an orphan who has lived alone since infancy. His loneliness was exacerbated by a sickness that made him feel always hungry. He became renowned as one of the world’s weakest Hunters after the introduction of superpowers and magical talents in the globe.


He was to be used as a sacrifice during a raid, but just as he was about to die, he made the decision to live to the end, and this knowledge helped him survive and unlocked extraordinary skills that were latent in him. He made the decision to put an end to the monsters once and for all. This Solo Leveling-like manga has a fantastic graphic style that reminds me of the former, and I highly recommend it if you haven’t already!

Last Thoughts

Solo Leveling has become so successful that it has prompted other authors and webtoon artists to create their own tales based on it. In Korean Webtoons, manhwas, and comics, the science fiction, supernatural, and fantasy genres are frequent themes. As a result, various mangas, such as Solo Leveling, arose as a result of this. All of them are available in English subtitled versions on manga reading websites and manga reader applications.

Which manga, similar to Solo Leveling, would you choose? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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The “best dungeon manhwa” is a manga that has been released in the last few years and is now one of the most popular mangas. The series follows a boy who wakes up after being dead for 100 years and must navigate his way through dungeons to get back home.

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What manga should I read if I like Solo Leveling?

A: Your best bet would be to start with Naruto and continue on from there.

Is there an anime similar to Solo Leveling?

A: Currently there is no Anime similar to Solo Leveling.

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