XVideos Proxy 2021: 15+ NEW Proxy/Mirrors to unblock xvideos.com

With the rise of VPNs and proxies, it has become increasingly difficult to access popular websites that are blocked by your country or ISP. In response, many people have started using these proxy servers which allow you to bypass restrictions on a number of sites including xvideos.com


One of the most prominent smut sites on the internet is XVideos. XVideos is second to none when it comes to having a collection of millions of high-definition and free adult films. It also has a smooth user interface and fewer obtrusive adverts. However, its primary domain, www.xvideos.com, has recently been geo-restricted in countries like as India, Russia, and South Korea, among others. Many people believe that ISPs will target the United Kingdom and Australia next. Fortunately, you may still access XVideos in your country by using a secure XVideos proxy or mirror site.

Using Proxy and Mirror Sites to Unblock XVideos

As you may be aware, 2018 was a very terrible year for fans of pornographic websites. At the request of government officials, many smut sites faced with ISP prohibitions. ISPs were also angry with XVideos, and its primary domain, https://www.xvideos.com, was blacklisted in numerous countries across the world. However, you may still get around your country’s restrictions by using XVideos Proxy and mirror sites.

XVideos’ official staff has built a plethora of new XVideos Proxy and mirror sites that are clones of the main domain and host the identical index, adult movie collection, and database but on other domain names, undeterred by ISP action. Furthermore, since these proxy and mirror sites use the same server as XVideos, super-fast streaming and download speeds are guaranteed.

To disguise your IP address and conceal browser activity from ISPs, you may utilize a free VPN service in conjunction with these proxy/mirror services. However, be aware that VPNs might accidentally slow down your streaming and download rates. I’ve compiled a list of the finest functional XVideos proxy and mirror sites for 2019, which are the greatest ways to unblock the main website without jeopardizing your online privacy. Let’s get started.

List of the Top 15+ XVideos Proxy/Mirror Sites in 2021

This material is provided only for educational reasons. Piracy and pornographic material are not tolerated by us.

Proxy/Mirror Sites can help you unblock XVideos.

To see whether XVideos is prohibited in your country, put its URL into the address bar of your browser. “The requested URL is banned as per the orders obtained from the Department of Telecommunications, Government of India,” a notice will flash across your screen. This warning means that your local ISP, in collusion with the regional government, has blacklisted Xvideos. Simply click via any of the aforementioned proxy/mirror sites to quickly unblock XVideos, since they are fully secure and updated daily with the most recent films as soon as fresh updates are carried out on your favorite adult site, a.k.a Xvideos.com.


That’s all there is to it! We continually update this list with new XVideos proxy sites, therefore bookmark this page to remain up to date on new proxy/mirror sites. If you’re experiencing problems browsing other popular adult websites, use the links below.

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