YouTube TV Is Finally Available to Download on Sony’s PS5

YouTube TV finally makes its way to PS5 after months of anticipation for PlayStation fans. YouTube has also announced plans to integrate the service with other big consoles like Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, as well as smart TVs powered by Android TV or Apple’s tvOS.

YouTube TV is finally available to download on Sony’s PS5. This service will allow you to watch live tv and stream movies, shows, and sports.

On Sony’s PS5, YouTube TV is now accessible to download. Support for the PlayStation 5 has been anticipated for some time, but it was unclear when it would become available. For those who have managed to get one, the software is now accessible to download on the gaming console.


YouTube TV is available for $64.99 per month and includes over 85 channels. Furthermore, the live TV streaming service offers a good degree of device compatibility. Not all devices and systems, however, are supported. This was the situation with the PlayStation 5 till today.

YouTube TV has updated its device compatibility list, confirming that the live TV streaming service works on the PS5 in addition to the PS4 and PS4 Pro. A number of Reddit users have also verified that the software is accessible on the PlayStation 5 and that it works once downloaded.


Owners of the PS5 now have a wider range of live TV streaming options thanks to the launch of YouTube TV. Because of its age, the PS5 does not have the same degree of live TV app compatibility as previous devices, such as the PlayStation 4.

The wait for the PS5 has come to an end.

Although the launch of YouTube TV for the PS5 was predicted, it was unclear when the app would go live. YouTube TV has previously said that support will be available in early 2021. The app’s release date remained a mystery as the year progressed. Most recently, there were rumors that YouTube TV might be available on the PS5 by June. An ETA that has now been fulfilled, as the app is now available for download.

The PS5 app’s release comes at an unusual moment, given that the service is presently embroiled in a legal battle with Roku. YouTube TV was previously accessible for download on Roku devices, and users who already had the channel loaded on their device may continue to use it. The live TV service is presently unavailable to download on Roku devices and TVs running on Roku OS for new customers or those who have yet to get YouTube TV. Subscribers now have an extra choice for viewing YouTube TV, regardless of whether they were previously using a Roku device, thanks to the PlayStation 5 integration.

YouTube TV and Reddit were used as sources.

The “youtube tv channels” is finally available to download on the PlayStation 5. The channel allows users to watch live TV, DVR recordings and more without a cable subscription.

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