6 Best WordPress Advertising Plugins in 2021

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) that powers over 25% of the internet. With it, you can create a website, blog, or online store with ease. But what if you want to advertise your site? This article will help you find the best plugins for advertising your site in 2021.

The wordpress advertising plugin free is a program that allows you to advertise your website on the internet. There are 6 best WordPress advertising plugins in 2021.

WordPress kvells in its citrusy sutured cocoon, as it has become a favorite of many bloggers. While blogging has improved its stratum since the arrival of WordPress, with a huge growth in the platform for countless bloggers over the years, WordPress also represents a possible source of revenue via the generosity of advertising. 

Advertisements are a critical source of income for the website content you worked so hard to create. Simply generating visitors via PPC, SEM, and SEO cycles isn’t enough to generate revenue. 

The beauty of WordPress is that it offers a huge selection of advertising plugins to pick from that will help you manage and monetise your website by selling advertisements.

Are you a blogger searching for a way to supplement your income with equally profitable advertisements? Here are your WordPress advertising plugins for 2021, which you may begin utilizing before the holidays and the new year!

The Best Advertising Plugins for WordPress

  • AdSanity
  • AdRotate
  • In-Post Ads in WordPress
  • AdSense in a flash
  • Ads that are more advanced
  • AdPlugg

AdSanity is number one.


The AdSanity plugin allows easy insertion of ads via customizing widgets and ad inserting buttons from the visual editor, making it one of the best WordPress advertising plugins for beginners to sharpen their daggers and swords of generating income over the prospect of selling ads directly on online platforms. 

It also offers a feeling of comfort due to its user-friendly operation. It converts your blog’s location into a server that hosts advertisements from different networks without interfering with the content flow. Furthermore, the customer is given with penetrating statistical and logistical insights to keep track of each and every computing step from the dashboard, which is an intriguing feature. 

2. RotateAds


AdRotate may be used in a variety of ways other than rotating your ad according to your whims. It advertises hosted advertisements and has the ability to rotate banner and network ads, making it ideal for both novice and experienced hands. Shortcodes make it simple to add advertisements. 

With the option to see advertisements from the dashboard, modify and remove them, or add new ones with reciprocal modifications, the user has a strong feeling of control. You may use custom widgets to place advertisements in sidebars, connect your PayPal account to receive payments when your ad sells, and even track them using statistical insights. 

The software is free to use, but if you want to get the most out of it, you can upgrade to the premium or pro version for 39 Euros for a single-site license with more advanced features. 

3. In-Post Ads in WordPress

WP in-post advertisements give the possibility of split-testing, making the strong ad management plugin a potent weapon unlike any other. It implies you may conduct a test to evaluate which app seems to generate more income choices before the ultimate battle of submission on the web page. 

You have the option of manually inserting the advertisements into preset default produced locations or utilizing prepared default generated places. The user gets a range of control options thanks to the lightweight plugin with no fuss solution. Include options such as hiding advertisements for a certain length of time or from a particular group of logged-in users, applying a set of criteria to the ads, or leaving them random. 

This plugin is available for $29. 

4. AdSense Quick


Quick Adsense, a WordPress Plugin that distributes a range of advertisements such as hosted ads and third-party ads, seems to be very popular. The ad management plugin’s user-friendly interface makes it simple to use and set up. It offers the customer a lot of customization and control choices; for example, the user may choose which advertisements are shown, how they are presented, and where they are placed.

It’s simple to accomplish simply changing the ad codes in the correct way, and it doesn’t need any technical knowledge. Custom widgets may also be added to the sidebar by the user. Quick AdSense is also very user-friendly, with good formatting and administration choices. Up to ten ad contents are allowed on the optimized page. 

5. Ads that are more advanced


It’s simple to use and rapidly publishes the required advertisements. Advanced Ads are free to download and utilize to their full potential, with premium add-ons for more flexibility in ad selling available to the user. Create a slew of advertisements with a variety of enticing features and put them in strategic locations across your website’s content (such as the sidebar, header and footer, in-between sections of material, or around the comment area) as desired. 

You may also customize the advertisements by enabling, disabling, and toggling them, as well as adding tags for particular categories and authors. You may also keep track of when advertisements expire. 

The add-ons cost 9 euros for a single-site license, and 69 euros for the complete bundle of add-ons. 

6. Advertisement Pluggage


The WordPress platform has introduced additional colors to its themed advertisements for earning revenue, in collaboration with adplugg.com’s free ad services. 

AdPlugg is a promising and promising ad management space that the user may gladly apply to any widget space over the content by utilizing the Adplugg widget, which is completely configurable. It allows the user to place advertisements anywhere and whatever they want; the user may select where and how the ads are placed.

It also has an ad rotation function that works in conjunction with the unique ad scheduling system, and it then gives the user the opportunity to monitor the advertisements’ records in an amazing way. 

Ads may be monitored and targeted using meta-tags if GDPR rules are followed correctly, and the powerful penetrating insights of analytical reports supplied are downloadable. 

Good luck with your blog!

Greetings, Blogger Hopefully, the enticing list of WordPress advertising plugins has enticed you to utilize them sooner rather than later, since when money knocks on your door, you are not allowed to slam the door shut.

Also, let us know what you think of these ad plugins in the comments section, and hopefully we didn’t leave anything out!

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The ad inserter is a WordPress advertising plugin that allows users to insert ads into their website. It has been rated one of the best plugins in 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 5 plugins you typically use with WordPress?

I am not sure what you mean by plugins but if you are asking about the top 5 plugins that I use on my WordPress site, they are as follows:

What are the most important WordPress plugins?

The most important WordPress plugins are the ones that help you make your website work and look better.

How do I manage WordPress ads?

You can manage ads by going to the Ads Manager. This is located in the WordPress back-end, which you can access through your Dashboard.

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