Best Android Alarm Clock Apps Worth Trying

Android apps are available in the Google Play Store, with many of them offering a wide range of features. One such app is an alarm clock that will choose your ideal wake-up time based on your sleep patterns and whether you need to work out or not.

The “best alarm clock app android 2020” is a list of the best Android apps for your phone or tablet. The list includes apps that will help you wake up, as well as apps that will help you sleep better.

Best Android Alarm Clock Apps Worth Trying

Choosing to get up early is a fantastic way to live a healthy life. This process is easier to do using any smartphone’s standard alarm clock app. With the clock applications, no one has to depend on someone to wake them up on time. You have hundreds of choices for the Android platform if you aren’t pleased with the built-in alarm app or want more sophisticated capabilities. Unfortunately, due to the complexity of the procedure, it is impossible to work with all of them. As a result, we decided to compile a list of the top Android Alarm Clock Apps in this area. Now you may study a little bit about each of them so you can choose the one that interests you the most.

Below are the top 12 Android alarm clock applications.

  1. Alarmy
  2. My Personal Alarm Clock
  3. As an Android, sleep
  4. Clock of the World
  5. Cycle of Sleep
  6. Alarm Clock for Early Birds
  7. Alarm Clock with a Loud Tone
  8. Sleepzy
  9. AlarmMon
  10. Alarm Clock Faces Challenges
  11. Alarm Clock with Wi-Fi
  12. Google Assistant is a virtual assistant created by Google.

15 Best Alarm Clock Apps for Android

1. Alarmy


Alarmy is one of the finest Android alarm clock applications for getting you up and staying alert. For many of us, it is one of our favorite alarm applications. The UI is simple to use, and the alarm clocks are fantastic. And the visual strategy is effective in getting you out of bed. The alarm will not be turned off till you wake up and snap a picture of the provided location if you use the Photo Mission function. To turn off the alarm, you may use other tools such as Math Mission, Barcode Mission, and Shake Mission. If you are having trouble waking up, the Wake Up Check tool will assist you in being completely awake. You may also put motivational quotes on your keyboard to help you wake up with more vigor. It will also play an AI voice every minute till you wake up and turn off the alarm.


2. My Personal Alarm Clock


Alarm Clock for Me is the next greatest Android alarm clock app. The alarm on this app plays your preferred music tone. It also enables you to customize your alarm clock widgets, for example. You can fall asleep listening to your favorite tunes if you set a sleep timer. You may set as many alarms as you like, and you’ll never miss an important occasion this way. It has two options for turning off an alarm: a math alarm clock to wake you up or a shaking alarm to wake you up. Vibrate, fade-in, and snooze are the three settings for the alarm. The brightness may be adjusted to assist protect your eyes. On the main screen, it provides a shortcut to settings, which allows you to access all current alarms.


3. Sleeping like an Android


Another excellent Android alarm clock with sleep cycle monitoring is Sleep as Android. The software includes binaural tones and natural sound lullabies, like as whales, storms, and the sea, for your alarm. The app will gently wake you up with these tones. The software displays graphs of your sleeping patterns. It also provides you with sleep data. You may set up Facebook and Twitter sharing with this app. This app has CAPTCHA wake-up verification. Furthermore, the software is compatible with a wide range of wearable devices. You’ll also find superior AI-powered sound clarity here. You can go to bed on a regular schedule with the Bedtime reminder. Sleep as Android employs clinically validated techniques.


4. Clock of the World


The finest alarm clock for traveling is World Clock. The software detects your current location as you move across the globe. You may also use this app to plan a Skype or WhatsApp call with your friends and family. You may use this program to convert the date and time to numerous time zones if you wish to conduct an online meeting with someone who lives in another nation. When you’re out, the app also shows you what time it is on weekends and at night. You may send an email with the right time zone if you want to. With just one click, you can distribute calendar applications to others. More than 500 cities across the globe are supported by the app.


5. Sleeping Patterns


Sleep Cycle is a smart alarm clock for Android phones and tablets. This program allows you to monitor your sleep from night until morning. You can start your day off right with this app’s amazing alarm clock and sleep tracker. When you are in light sleep mode, the app will wake you up. You will soon be able to sleep comfortably thanks to the app’s musical tack. The software gives you sleep statistics and reports to assist you figure out how you’re doing. To set an alarm, you may choose from a variety of music. You may also sleep by softly shaking or double-tapping the phone. It comes in both a free and a paid edition. A sleep assistance, sleep notes, wake-up mood, online backup, and other premium features are included.


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6. Alarm Clock for Early Birds


Early Bird Alarm is a strong Android alarm clock app. It has a variety of themes from which to pick, depending on your personality. You may choose a date based on your shift schedule if you work on a shift basis. It wakes you up with classic alarm noises, as well as some new ones. Voice recognition, trace and write force, and a combination of QR codes may all be used to silence the alarm. The alarm sounds and displays the current time, assisting you in waking up. It also displays the weather forecast so you can plan your day. The early bird displays the weather forecast information on the notification screen.


7. Alarm Clock with a Loud Beacon


Another popular and top Android alarm clock app is Loud Alarm Clock. It is the loudest alarm clock that allows you to set random alarm noises. Users may take use of a variety of features provided by Loud Alarm Clock. You may obtain the weather for your area, as well as gorgeous backdrops, in addition to the alarm. Also included are amusing voices like Stewie and Hermione to encourage you to get out of bed in the morning. Furthermore, the app allows you to personalize the alarm clock’s appearance. You may also select from hundreds of attractive patterns or upload your own backdrop from your photographs or camera.


8. drowsy


The greatest sleep monitoring app is Sleepzy. It’s a smart alarm clock that tracks your sleeping habits. Furthermore, the app aids you in waking up when in the lightest sleep phase. It assesses your sleep quality and alerts you if you’ve accumulated a sleep debt. It even detects snoring when you’re asleep. If you can’t sleep, try sleeping with the soothing sound and waking up to your favorite music. You can remain motivated and sleep better if you create a sleep goal. The software assists you in tracking your sleep habits in order to get the highest possible quality of sleep. You may start your own sleep journal with this app. Overall, it is one of the greatest Android alarm clock applications.


AlarmMon (nine)


AlarmMon is one of the most popular Android alarm clock applications. In this app, the alarm will not go off until you get out of bed. It has a variety of warnings, including loud, silent, game, voice, video, idol band, and others. Additionally, the Today’s news alert, weather prediction alarm, and record alarm provide you with information. In general, you receive all of the essential functions of an alarm clock app. This app’s main function is that it provides some cartoon characters to make your brain weary before going to sleep. The software is free to download and install from the Google Play Store.


10. Alarm Clock Faces Obstacles


The Challenges Alarm Clock App was created to help you get out of bed. You won’t have any late mornings with this app. It’s free, and you should use it to wake up in the morning by solving problems. The alarm will not turn off until you solve it. The program has a variety of features, including challenges and games, the ability to disable or restrict the amount of games, a dark theme, various media, additional volume, smooth volume rise, and more. You may play any game or snap a photo to turn off the alerts in addition to puzzles. If you forget, you may set challenges to accomplish any job. It also enables you to participate in image and grin challenges.


Smart Alarm Clock No. 11


The alarm clock for heavy sleepers is Smart Alarm Clock. The software is very intelligent and adaptable. It has elements that assist you in waking up naturally and gradually in a nice manner. Unlike Challenges Alarm Clock, this software has challenges to complete in order to silence the alarm. This software allows you to create daily or weekly repeated alarms. You may pick any date for your alarms if you wish to set them for a long time. Each alarm has its own settings, which you may customize to your liking. Set your alarm clock to your favorite tunes. You may customize your alarms with a variety of options. Furthermore, the software is compatible with Android Wear. You will never have a late morning with this app.


Google Assistant (version 12)


Many of us are familiar with Google Assistant. If you didn’t know, it can also be used as an Android alarm clock. You may ask Google Assistant to set an alarm for you by speaking to it. The alarm clock app is compatible with this app. You may also use this app to set timers and reminders, as well as an alarm. The majority of us use this app for more than just setting an alarm. This alarm app makes finding restaurants, theaters, stock information, and other information simple. In the morning, you may receive weather and news in addition to the alarm. This software will keep you up to speed on the latest news, financial market information, sports, movies, and more. You should turn off Google Assistant while it isn’t in use.



These are the top alarm clock applications for Android that we’ve hand-picked. All of the applications in this list do more than just act as an alarm clock. Getting up early is usually a good idea, and it’s simple with these applications. Choose any of the applications in this post to obtain better or more quality sleep. Leave a comment telling us which app has helped you in waking up early in the morning.

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