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Branda is an excellent WordPress plugin that allows you to customize your website without affecting the simplicity of your site. Branda breaks down all plugins and themes into easy-to-use, specific modules which are then easily applied with a few clicks. The interface makes it quick and simple to build customizations for any type of template from various developers or those who do not have time to code their own design changes.”,”

WordPress is an open source website development platform. It has a large community and wide range of plugins available for it. Branda Pro is one such plugin that allows users to customize the look and feel of their WordPress sites. Read more in detail here: wordpress cms customization.


Are you the owner of a website? You may be able to devote the bulk of your days to improving the appearance and functionality of your website. While you may be adopting a development attitude for the sake of the site, the issue is that it might consume a significant amount of your time and energy.

You’re exhausted and annoyed at the end of the day. What if we told you that a single plugin could take care of everything with no additional fuss? There’s no need for programming or hours of customizing, but the results are assured! Don’t they seem to be promising? Let’s have a look at the features of this intriguing plugin.

Why Customize WordPress Sites in the First Place?

We were unaware of user-friendly features when we initially built a website. Because we didn’t put in the time and effort to customize the WordPress site, our user retention rates plummeted.

Now that I’ve had a WordPress site for over a decade, I realize that customisation should never be overlooked. It’s easy to refer to it as your brand’s language.

If you’re still not convinced, consider the following list of advantages that my company has reaped.

Strong user retention rates — Because the site interface suited the user’s needs at the time, current users showed high levels of engagement, and return user rates climbed as well. What transpired in the end was magical. It resulted in an increase in income.

Protected against external dangers — By customizing your WordPress site on a regular basis, you have a better understanding of the positive and negative aspects of your site. One component of your site that you can absolutely improve and enhance is security. When your site is personalized and optimized, hackers have a harder time finding it.

Improved SEO ranking — As user retention rates rise, so do search rankings. The domain authority score rises as a result of this. Users are more likely to like your website.

UpToDate — By customizing your WordPress site, you maintain it connected to other platforms, ensuring that you never miss a technological update. For example, if Google introduces a new analytics function, you’ll be notified and may make changes to your site right away. You will have a greater edge as a result of this.

The Advantages of Business Branding

Your website is your brand for every digital company owner out there. It must represent your ideals and offerings. You will become less recognized and preferred among your target market if you do not spend in branding.

There’s more to branding than that!

  • A branded website is more easily recognized by customers.
  • It also saves money on advertising since word-of-mouth marketing makes your site more visible.
  • Users will trust you and your products if you have a high level of credibility.
  • In the external competitive world, you get a competitive advantage. This may contribute to the company’s long-term viability.
  • In other words, branding is directly proportionate to the site’s quality and long-term viability. It is something you should never overlook.

Meet WPMU DEV’s Branda Pro.


Branda Pro is a fantastic WordPress plugin that is designed specifically for rapid WordPress changes.

From branding your site to remaining connected with your target audience, a WordPress site owner must install a plugin for each purpose independently. For example, you could require a plugin to notify you when your site is down for maintenance. Unfortunately, the same plugin cannot be used for several purposes.

Branda Pro is a godsend for every website owner who needs features deployed in a flash with just one click. Branda Pro includes a specific module for branding your site, from installing WordPress to providing content. The number of active installations is nearing 60,000 due to the inclusion of unique features.

Let’s get straight to work!

Branda Pro WordPress Plugin’s Exciting Features

Let’s have a look at some of Brada Pro’s best features!

Say goodbye to the WordPress branding components you see when you first install the software. Branda Pro allows you to remove the term “WordPress” from your site and make it appear like your own.

Admin dashboard, emails, widgets, utilities, front-end interfaces, and more may all be customized.

It has 33 modules that allow you to customize every element of your site from start to finish. All of them are backed up by documentation, so you’ll never be left in the dark after installing Branda Pro.


The utility section is a one-stop shop for changing website modes, monitoring comments, launching site generators, issuing tracking codes, branding pictures, and replacing content.

We spoke about security in the last part when I talked about branding.


Under Branda Pro, there is a front-end portion with eight sub-modules that address the registration screen, cookie notice, author box customisation, header, and footer content. Cookies and other protocols may be used to improve security levels in this area.


We are more likely to interact with our readers via frequent newsletters as site owners. However, in order to promote the brand, it is also necessary to compose emails to customers. Branda Pro’s email feature is one of our favorite features.


In this example, you can see that headers, email templates, logs, and SMTP may all be customized. Due to its branding and difficulty in terms of usability, sending an email with WordPress is generally a pain. Branda Pro has sorted this.

For our website, we have activated a number of modules. Did you know that personalization should be centered on your target consumers as well as a motivator for your authors and contributors? A personalized login screen establishes a link between them and your brand.

We put it to the test, and it worked well!


Most significantly, you do not need to have created the space. All you have to do now is choose a template and add your logo. The login screen has been updated.


The dashboard widget module, which can be found under widgets, is another feature that we really appreciated. When you log in to the dashboard, the first thing you do is check at the site’s performance. What if you could utilize Branda Pro to make your dashboard more appealing and motivating by adjusting the display of widgets?


Here are the widgets you may activate or disable depending on the demands of your site.

Note: Branda Pro also includes a tool that checks if your site’s content is GDPR compliant.

Branda Pro Plugin Configuration

With only one click, Branda Pro may be installed. Uninstallation is also as simple as clicking a button. The trick is to decide whether you want to maintain settings and data or erase both, depending on your needs.


Branda Pro has specialized options for rebranding existing WordPress emails, importing/exporting settings, adjusting dashboard widgets, configuring site modes, and rebranding the front-end without impacting other modules.

There are a few of additional options in Branda Pro that caught our eye as well. Change the plugin’s user permissions.

Pro Branda Pricing

Before we get into the pricing of Branda Pro, it’s important to note that the trial may need you to input credit card information.

If you don’t like their services but the money has been deducted from your account because you neglected to stop the trial, customer care can gladly cancel it for you. You’ll also receive your money back!

If you sign up for an annual subscription, you’ll receive two months of free Branda Pro use. This means you just have to pay for 10 months and get the remaining two months for free.


For SEO experts and firms, there is a free trial option with various premium packages available.

Final Thoughts

As much as you invest in creating a high-quality site and increasing income, it’s past time for you to start performing fantastic work where tools handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on what your organization really needs. Branda Pro is unquestionably a plugin for anybody looking to improve their performance and remain on top of market trends.

We’ve been using Branda Pro for a few months and are happy with how it’s working. Instead, I would recommend this plugin to any company owner who wants to modify their WordPress website but is bored of downloading plugins and reading long scripts. You may obtain this plugin for WordPress modification without any reservations.

I hope you now understand why WordPress sites should be customized and the advantages of corporate branding. Get this cutting-edge plugin as part of a WPMU DEV subscription, which WPGlossy readers can get at a 20% discount. Take advantage of the deal right now and begin customizing your website for branding purposes.

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Branda Pro is an excellent plugin to customize WordPress sites. The plugin allows users to add plugins, widgets, and themes to WordPress websites. It also has a built-in dashboard that lets you manage your settings and widgets. Reference: dev plugins.

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