Coptic Reader for PC

Coptic is a text-based reading program for electronic texts of the Coptic Orthodox Church. It is designed to help facilitate faster, easier access to information on ancient Christian scripture and history.

The “Coptic Reader for PC” is a software that allows users to read the Coptic language. The program can be used on any device with a web browser, and it comes with an online version that can be accessed from anywhere.

Coptic Reader for PC

Coptic Reader for PC (Windows 7/8/10) and Mac (Mac OS X) is available for free download here.

Coptic Reader is a smartphone application designed to help you grow spiritually by learning about the activities of Coptic Churches throughout the globe.


This program includes many significant aspects linked to Coptic orthodox church traditions, such as liturgical text, rituals, psalmodies, hymns, melodies, services, and sacraments, all of which will help you better comprehend the religious beliefs of many Copts and Coptic churches as a whole.

Important Coptic Reader Information

The most recent version of the program is Coptic Reader Version 2.76, which was released in April of this year. The software has been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of people via the Google Playstore.

The Benefits of Using This App to Boost Your Faith

  • It Provides You With Unequal Access To Coptic Rites On A Daily Basis: Every Copt, and Coptic Churches in general, believe that separate spiritual and religious practices exist for each day. To this end, Coptic Reader was created to offer you with the daily rituals you need to read in order to strengthen your faith and spiritual development.
  • It Supports Personalized or Customized Functions: Are you looking for a faith-boosting software that will remind you of important dates in your life? The ideal software for you is Coptic Reader. This is because it allows for customized settings or features, allowing you to build or store a large number of personal events on the app. It also allows you to customize the themes and visuals to fit your unique preferences.
  • It Supports a Variety of Languages: Coptic reader does not just work in English; it also supports a variety of languages that you may pick from based on your degree of knowledge. You have the option of having the rituals, Bible, Audible Prayers, and sermons read in Arabic or in one of the Coptic languages.
  • It Improves Presentation Mode: You may quickly switch to presentation mode through the app settings if you wish your church members to benefit from the spiritual advantages you’ve gained from the Coptic Reader Application. This mode allows you to project all of the app’s content, including hymns, the Bible, sermons, and ceremonies, to everyone in the church.

The following are some of the other features or material of this fantastic App:

  1. Antiphonary
  2. The Coptic Bible in its Complete Form (Old and New Testament)
  3. The Hours Book (also known as Agpeya)
  4. Psalmody of the Lord
  5. Prayers (including supplications, praises, and forgiveness prayers)

Coptic Reader for Windows 7/8/10 and Mac is available for free download here.

BlueStacks may be used to install Coptic Reader. Start the download by clicking here.

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The “download coptic reader for mac” is a free software that allows users to read the Coptic text. This software can be downloaded from the official website of the application.

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