What is Mfpmp.exe, Uses, Error & Can I Disable it?

MFPMP.exe stands for Microsoft Forcepoint Mobile Management Platform and is a program that comes with Windows 8/8.1 device management service, also known as Mobile Device Manager (MDM). MFPMP.exe runs in the background to protect your data on your mobile device while you are connected to WiFi and prevents unauthorized access to it or software updates from happening without user permission..

The “media foundation protected pipeline exe has stopped working” is a process that is used by Windows 10. The Mfpmp.exe process can be disabled with the help of the Microsoft Fixit tool.

What is Mfpmp.exe, Uses, Error & Can I Disable it?

A legitimate Mfpmp.exe file is part of the Windows operating system and is utilized to play DRM-protected media on the computer. That implies that if you attempt to play DRM-protected material, you may discover that Mfpmp is operating in the background.


What exactly is Mmfpmp.exe?

The Microsoft Copyright trademark is contained in Mmfpmp.exe, which is found in the Windows system. The full name of mfmp.exe is Media Foundation Protected Pipeline EXE, according to the System description. It should also be noted that the mfpmp.exe process uses around 10K to 13K of RAM. In truth, the application file is believed to be undetectable since mfpmp.exe is a Windows core system file with a technical security rating of 1% hazardous.

File Size and Location

The file mfpmp.exe is located in the Windows System folder C:WindowsSystem32. The file size is relatively little, just 24KB, implying that it uses very little memory in the system storage. Multiple copies, on the other hand, may be recognized in Windows versions 7 and beyond.

mfpmp.exe error

Mmfpmp.exe’s Applications

As of now, we’ve studied and accumulated a variety of facts about the file mfpmp.exe on our computer, especially the Windows Operating System. We may quickly discuss a few applications of the file that will benefit people in the long term.

  • Mfpmp.exe is a program that transforms media files as they are being copied to an MTP media device.
  • It’s believed to be the copyright protection that’s required to play Protected files.
  • It’s a helpful file that also manages media use permissions.
  • It also guards against hacking of media files.
  • Mfpmp.exe is a program that is used by Windows Vista, 8, and 10 to manage material that is protected by Digital Rights Management, or DRM.

Typical Errors

Normally, this file does not display any error messages, but it may in specific cases. Here are a few frequent errors:

  • mfpmp.exe is no longer active.
  • mfpmp consumes a lot of CPU power.

Is Mfpmp.exe a Virus or a Safe File?

mfpmp.exe is usually a highly secure file that may be found on Windows Systems in C:WindowsSystem32 with the Microsoft Corporation Copyright Trademark as:

mfpmp.exe file

The product name “Microsoft Windows Operating System” may be seen under the detail tab; here is a screenshot for your reference:

General information mfpmp.exe

However, if it is not discovered in the above-mentioned file path, but rather in any Program File, the user should do more research into the file. It might be infected with viruses or malware. To secure his PC, the User should immediately run an anti-virus or anti-malware program.

Furthermore, if the file is taking a lot of CPU memory, there is a means to check it, which is briefly mentioned in Points:

  • To open Windows Task Manager, use Ctrl+Shift+Esc.
  • Toggle to the Details tab.
  • Locate mfpmp.exe, right-click it, and choose Open File Location from the menu.
  • Check the file path to see whether it’s under C:. WindowsSystem32
  • It must be a virus if it is not located in the above-mentioned area.

It is advised that you switch on your Windows firewall and conduct a full system scan with a reputable antivirus in this situation.

Is it possible to uninstall mfpmp.exe?

It is not suggested to remove mfpmp.exe from the system since it is a Windows file that is required by the media player. However, if the file location is anyplace other than C:WindowsSystem32 and it is consuming CPU use that it is not allowed to, it is best to delete it manually using any authentic antivirus program or by hitting the Ctrl+Shift+Delete keys simultaneously.

If you have any more questions or concerns about mfpmp, please let me know by leaving a comment below.

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