How to Install and Watch NBC Sports on Samsung TV? [Updated]

This article will show you how to watch NBC Sports on Samsung TV.

The nbc sports app not working on samsung smart tv is a question that has been asked many times. In this article, we will be showing you how to install and watch NBC Sports on Samsung TV.

NBC Sports on Samsung TV: Sports have seen numerous changes throughout the years. From playing on the ground with our friends, meeting new people, and having fun, to the virtual world of sports, we’ve come a long way.

This epidemic, in particular, has pushed us further into the virtual realm. People travel great distances with their families and friends to see their favorite sports and athletes in person in stadiums.

Those things aren’t feasible in the midst of a pandemic. But don’t be concerned. Because technological advancements have taught us that everything is possible just outside our door. Yes, the NBC Sports app allows you to watch your favorite sports while relaxing on your sofa.

Today, we’ll go through how to install and stream NBC Sports on a Samsung TV. Let’s get started with the article. 

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What is NBC Sports, exactly?

NBC Sports is a free app that allows you to watch your favorite sports from the comfort of your own sofa. If you’re looking for a way to cut the cord on cable, the NBC Sports app may be the best choice. The software is available for both Android and iOS smartphones to download.

The NBC network is one of the most well-known sports broadcasting businesses in the United States. If you are a sports lover, you may use the app for free to get the most out of it. The NBC Sports app gives you access to NBC original programming, studio shows, and premier live events 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

NBC is a premium sports streaming app where you can watch Formula One, PGA Tour, NASCAR, NFL, and more. In addition to the app, you can watch your favorite programs on the dedicated NBC website.

In terms of the subscription plan, you can receive your own NBC Sports app content at no extra charge. From my perspective, the NBC Sports app is distinct from the NBC subscription.

To watch NBC sports on your Samsung smart TV, you’ll need a subscription to a TV service like Hulu, Sling TV, Tubi TV, or Fubo TV. 

How to Watch NBC Sports on Samsung smart TV?What is the best way to watch NBC Sports on a Samsung smart TV?


It’s always a good idea to go through the app’s features to acquire a better understanding of it. Here are a few examples. 

  • Free streaming of live and on-demand videos.
  • Watch highlights to relive all of your unforgettable events’ best moments.
  • Game updates tailored to your preferences for matchups you don’t want to miss.
  • Compatible with a variety of devices.
  • Because to the collaboration of several TV service providers with NBC, live TV is now available at no extra cost. 

How can I get NBC Sports on my Samsung TV and watch it?

Some of you may be wondering whether the NBC Sports app is compatible with Samsung smart TVs. Yes, the NBC Sports app on your Samsung smart TV may now be downloaded and used to watch your favorite sporting events.

To watch NBC sports, you’ll need a paid membership to a TV service provider such as Sling TV, Tubi TV, Fubo TV, or YouTube TV. Make sure your Samsung smart TV is running the most recent version of the operating system before continuing with the steps below.

Step 1: 

Check to see whether your Samsung smart TV is connected to the internet by turning it on.

Step 2:

Go to your Samsung TV’s Smart Hub and look for the search icon.

Step 3:

Search for the official NBC Sports app using the finder icon.

Step 4: 

On your Samsung smart TV, download and install the app.

Step 5:

Copy the Activation Code from the screen when you open the program.

Step 6:

Using a PC or laptop browser, go to the NBC app activation page.

Step 7:

Select your service provider and input the Activation Code in the box provided.

Step 8: 

To confirm your submission, click the Activate button.

Your successful submission will be indicated by a pop-up notification. The NBC Sports app on your Samsung smart TV will be enabled soon. You can now start watching your favorite sporting events and highlights on your Samsung TV for free. 


Is it possible to watch NBC Sports on a Samsung smart TV?

Yes, you may simply download the NBC Sports app via the smart hub on your Samsung smart TV.

Is it possible to watch NBC Sports live?

The NBC Sports app allows you to view live and on-demand videos online. 


We’ve reached the end of the story. One of the finest sports streaming services where you can watch your favorite sports for free is the NBC Sports app. The greatest thing is that the app does not need a separate subscription to use.

In addition to the NBC Sports app, you may gain access to a lot more by subscribing to a single TV service provider. You can watch your favorite events on your smartphone anywhere, at any time, in addition to smart TVs and streaming devices. 

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The nbcsports com activate is a tool that allows users to watch the NBC Sports live stream on their Samsung TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Samsung TV have NBC Sports app?

NBC Sports is not available on Samsung TVs.

How do I get the NBC Sports app on my TV?

NBC Sports is not currently available on any streaming services, so you will need to use your cable or satellite subscription to get the app.

Why is NBC Sports app not working?

NBC Sports app is not working because it is unavailable in your location.

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