How to install Android games and apps on Windows 11

Android has come a long way since its first release in 2008. Android apps are now the most popular among all mobile operating systems, with over 1 billion active monthly users worldwide. If you’re new to Android and want to try your hand at playing games or using different apps on Windows 10, these instructions will guide you through installing everything from scratch.

The “how to run android apps on windows 11 without emulator” is a tutorial that will teach you how to install Android games and apps on Windows. The article will also explain the steps of using an emulator.

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  • When Windows 11 was initially launched, Microsoft said that the new operating system would automatically run Android applications.
  • This article will teach you how to get the beta version of the Windows 11 Android app functionality in the quickest and easiest method possible.
  • The procedure entails determining whether or not your machine is capable of running the beta and updating its version.



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Windows 11 provides the unusual ability to run Android applications alongside Windows software on a PC. When the operating system was originally revealed, the new functionality was shown, and the ability to run mobile applications piqued the interest of many people, particularly gamers.

This feature has been under development for a long time, and it is unlikely to be released before 2022. Fortunately, a beta version of the Android functionality is currently available for interested users to check out.

What does the Android feature entail?

Windows Subsystem for Android with Amazon Appstore is the name of the beta version, and it only enables you to install programs from the Amazon Appstore.

Only 50 Android applications are now accessible, ranging from educational apps to games like Lords Mobile and Color by Numbers.

If you want to check out the Android app functionality, you’ll need to join the Windows Insider program and download the newest Windows 11 beta.

You must also reside in the United States, since this beta is only available in the United States. If you’re outdoors, you’re out of luck and will have to wait till Microsoft officially launches this function.


To use the Amazon Appstore, you’ll need an American Amazon account and to make sure your computer matches specific criteria.

Your machine must be able to run Windows 11 in addition to having the following requirements:

  • RAM: 8 GB
  • The Microsoft Store app must be updated to version 22110.1402.6.0 or higher.
  • Windows 11 build or higher is required.
  • Invest in a solid-state drive (SSD) storage system.

The beta will not operate until these conditions are met.

As a result, this article will teach you how to check whether your machine fits the criteria, how to join the Windows Insider Program, and how to install various games step by step.

On a Windows 11 PC, how can I install Android games and apps?

1. Examine the system’s requirements

  1. On the bottom bar, click the magnifying glass symbol.
  2. Choose the Settings app icon from the top search bar or enter it in.1635930155_804_How-to-install-Android-games-and-apps-on-Windows-11
  3. System is the first option in the Settings menu.1635930156_870_How-to-install-Android-games-and-apps-on-Windows-11
  4. Scroll all the way down to the On tab on the right side, which contains extensive information about the computer’s specs.1635930156_719_How-to-install-Android-games-and-apps-on-Windows-11
  5. To learn more, go to About.
  6. On the right side of the window, choose Device Specifications.
  7. In the drop-down menu, confirm the needed RAM.1635930157_797_How-to-install-Android-games-and-apps-on-Windows-11
  8. After that, go to the Windows Specifications menu and look for the OS build.
  9. Verify that your PC is running Windows 11 build 22000.282. This indicates that it is capable of using the Android functionality.
  10. After you’ve double-checked the Build, go back to System and scroll down until you find the Storage tab on the right side.1635930157_533_How-to-install-Android-games-and-apps-on-Windows-11
  11. Select Advanced storage options from the Storage management section.1635930158_171_How-to-install-Android-games-and-apps-on-Windows-11
  12. Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose the Disks and Volumes tab. 1635930159_565_How-to-install-Android-games-and-apps-on-Windows-11
  13. Confirm that the media type is SSD.1635930159_11_How-to-install-Android-games-and-apps-on-Windows-11

2. Become a member of the Windows Insider Program

  1. Re-open the Settings app.
  2. At the bottom of the menu, choose the Windows Update tab.1635930160_684_How-to-install-Android-games-and-apps-on-Windows-11
  3. On the right side of the window, click the Windows Insider Program tab.
  4. To get started, click the Get Started button.1635930161_911_How-to-install-Android-games-and-apps-on-Windows-11
  5. In the little box that displays, tap the Link an account button.1635930161_87_How-to-install-Android-games-and-apps-on-Windows-11
  6. After you’ve confirmed your Microsoft account, click Continue.1635930162_395_How-to-install-Android-games-and-apps-on-Windows-11
  7. Choose a Beta Channel (Recommended).1635930162_678_How-to-install-Android-games-and-apps-on-Windows-11
  8. After reviewing the device agreements, click Continue.1635930163_189_How-to-install-Android-games-and-apps-on-Windows-11
  9. To join the beta channel, click the Restart now option.1635930164_111_How-to-install-Android-games-and-apps-on-Windows-11

3. Get the most recent version of the Microsoft Store.

  1. To access the app, click the Microsoft Store icon in the bottom bar.1635930164_484_How-to-install-Android-games-and-apps-on-Windows-11
  2. In the lower left corner, choose the Library tab.1635930165_639_How-to-install-Android-games-and-apps-on-Windows-11
  3. Near the top of the window, click the Get updates button.1635930165_814_How-to-install-Android-games-and-apps-on-Windows-11
  4. After upgrading, pick App settings from the Profile menu at the top of the window.1635930166_801_How-to-install-Android-games-and-apps-on-Windows-11
  5. In the lower left corner, look for About this program and make sure the version is equal to or greater than 22110.1402.6.0.1635930167_913_How-to-install-Android-games-and-apps-on-Windows-11

4. Download and install the Windows Subsystem for Android.

  1. Type Amazon Appstore in the bottom search field of the Microsoft Store and launch the first app that appears.1635930167_32_How-to-install-Android-games-and-apps-on-Windows-11
  2. Then press the Install button.1635930168_263_How-to-install-Android-games-and-apps-on-Windows-11
  3. When the little window displays, click Set up.1635930169_326_How-to-install-Android-games-and-apps-on-Windows-11
  4. On the next window, click the Download option.1635930169_88_How-to-install-Android-games-and-apps-on-Windows-11
  5. When it’s finished, click the Next button.1635930170_278_How-to-install-Android-games-and-apps-on-Windows-11
  6. To finish the setup, click the Restart button.1635930170_252_How-to-install-Android-games-and-apps-on-Windows-11

After that, your Windows 11 machine is now ready to play Android games.

5. Download and install Android games

  1. To access the Start menu, click the magnifying glass symbol at the bottom of the screen. 
  2. Search for the Amazon Appstore you just downloaded in the top search box. Windows Subsystem for Android with Amazon Appstore is the complete name.1635930171_293_How-to-install-Android-games-and-apps-on-Windows-11
  3. Click the Sign in button in the following window. 1635930172_145_How-to-install-Android-games-and-apps-on-Windows-11
  4. Sign in with your Amazon account located in the United States.1635930172_229_How-to-install-Android-games-and-apps-on-Windows-11
  5. Choose a game and press the Get button. I’m downloading Color by Numbers in this case.1635930173_908_How-to-install-Android-games-and-apps-on-Windows-11
  6. To download, click the Download button.1635930174_75_How-to-install-Android-games-and-apps-on-Windows-11
  7. The blue bar underneath the game changes to ‘Open’ after it has finished downloading. To start the game, click Open.1635930174_617_How-to-install-Android-games-and-apps-on-Windows-11
  8. A little gaming window will open, which you may enlarge. You may also play the game using your tongue and keyboard.1635930175_990_How-to-install-Android-games-and-apps-on-Windows-11

You may access the app from the Amazon Appstore or from the Start menu after you’ve finished the instructions.

6. Purchase an Android game.

  1. To buy a game, go to the purchase menu by clicking on the price tag.
  2. You have the option of using 1-click settings or Amazon Coins to make a purchase. While Amazon Coins are a virtual currency, 1-click removes money straight from the Amazon account’s wallet.1635930175_742_How-to-install-Android-games-and-apps-on-Windows-11
  3. It will take some time to download once you have made your purchase.1635930176_392_How-to-install-Android-games-and-apps-on-Windows-11
  4. You may play the game after it has finished downloading.1635930177_289_How-to-install-Android-games-and-apps-on-Windows-11

What options do I have if I don’t have the necessary system requirements?

If your machine doesn’t fulfill the system requirements, consider adding an SSD or upgrading your RAM. However, since there are so many various types of SSDs, it’s vital to conduct some study and figure out which ones are the best.

If you do manage to get the Windows Subsystem for Android beta, keep in mind that the options are limited. There are just a few games available, and there is no word on whether or not more will be released. However, the selection is rather good, since it includes other games such as Minecraft as well as various non-game applications.


There are alternative solutions if you still want to test out Android applications on your PC. There are Android emulators available that enable users to run applications on a Windows 10 or 11 PC, and the best ones are free.

If you have any queries or concerns about the Android feature approaches or difficulties, please leave a comment below. Make a proposal for tutorials or information on additional Windows 11 features you’d like to see.

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The “windows 11 android emulator download” is a program that allows users to install Android games and apps on Windows. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you install Android games on PC?

A: Unfortunately, you cannot install Android games on a PC. The file format is not compatible with the Windows operating system and so this would be out of question for us to do.

How do I install Android apps on Windows desktop?

A: To install the app, you need to go through a series of steps. This is due to how Android installs apps on your device.

Can I install Android games on Windows 10?

A: No, as of right now it is not possible to install Android games on Windows 10. There are a few workarounds for this issue but none have been confirmed by the developers yet

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